Welcome to the dreamer's world - where Y our dreams matter!

It's a place to learn, share skills, ideas, innovations... Discover the unknown!

Dreamivill (Dream Village) is founded on the basic principle of co-living, co-working and co-learning for entrepreneurs and dreamers!  we have a whole village to ourselves!  With over 3000-hectare land space located in a remote rural hideout of Ghana - it is a place for the adventurous heart, we have created the perfect combination of environment and creativity, innovations and sharing entrepreneurship ideas. We give you the space to build, innovate and prototype anything you want - it is a place to develop your idea that has the potential to make this world a better place!

Dream Village is your experimental ground, your meditation home, your creative hub...It is what YOU make it!

Connect to Experts

Our world has evolved but most of our methods of education still remain the same- for centuries, we need a paradigm shift- where people just learn what they need to develop their dreams, and environment where what you learn is applied to your daily living, lean on the knowledge of others to grow!

With the internet, presents possibilities to learn from different experts; onsite and online- you don’t need to be in a conventional classroom to learn, nor have a degree to unfold that dream job. We can connect you to the mentor and people who share your passion and dreams to help your speed up your growth process

On the job training

We believe to create breakthrough Innovations, inventions and creativity in is essential that people learn to share, knowledge, Talents, skills, ideas in a practical and serene atmosphere

We believe in an ideal world where knowledge and skill are shared based on application and experience, a world where everyone is ready to let their expertise trickle down to the next generation. Every entrepreneur of dream village becomes both a lifelong mentor for an individual or business


In a world where people have become increasingly comfortable in the “zone” of living, the gap between the rich and poor, talented and non-talented, expert to novice, (if there ever is truly any such categories) urban to rural, educated to the illiterate. It is necessary that we find a middle line to learn from each other. Dream village seeks to help bring exposure to everyone, from the expert to the learner, whiles allowing space for both to create an ideal world in-between – connecting the dots to the global village.

Dream Academia

Green Gold S.E


New Life Christian Fellowship


Cletek Services




Africa ICT Right

Lumiar Education

Public Speaking institute

Martha Inspires Foundation



Permaculture Institute

Trotro Tractor