Are you aspiring to set up your own business? Then we have a program just for you! What do we offer: * A one-year diploma course on ICT and entrepreneurship * Very practical and innovative teaching environment * Students will do a working/learning trajectory which means that you will earn your school fees while attending the program. So except for the registration fee (to test your commitment), there is no

Everyone has a story and we want that story to be told at Dreamivill! Do you have a skill, talent, knowledge/wisdom, experience or dream you want to share with your younger self? Share with us! We have a solution and someone ready to carry the dream to unimaginable limits. Dreamivill (Dream Village) has 100+ young people, over 3000 hectares of land space and the eco-system awaiting to take your story

It is our deepest wish that no dream ever dies… through memories, we can learn, create, innovate and share the stories of many heroes and heroines who have and continue to dedicate their lives to the services of humanity. Vera Blazek is one of such hero’s, She dedicated her life to serve creativity and culture. Vera 0n the 13th March 2018 gave up her spirit to become truly free. As

It’s another blessed day here at #Dreamivill, we had a visit from the Honourable District Chief Executive (Representative of the president) Hon. Augustine Appiah, we are proud to partner with the government to foster development in and beyond the district. Yes your dream matters!!!

We are proud to be the first to implement the Nubian vault architecture in the region, the 8m*4m vault will serve as an entrepreneurship and computer training centre for both young and old, “we have great interest to give priority to disabled persons hence we are making all efforts to make this structure disability friendly” Clement Matorwmasen (Founder of Green Gold and Dreamivill) In architecture, a Nubian vault is a type of curved surface forming a vaulted structure.


Feb 2018

Dream Developers

All my life I have always believed people are far beyond what we see, that we are connected in the depths of the unknown, I also believe that if you dared to dream it, you have set the presidence of reality (greatest achievers sow beyond their reality). As I seek to discover the unknown I am honored to walk side by side with other dreamers; Harald Katzenschläger, Hermann Gams, Selma Hamstra, Thomas Dietrich who spent