We are proud to be the first to implement the Nubian vault architecture in the region, the 8m*4m vault will serve as an entrepreneurship and computer training centre for both young and old, “we have great interest to give priority to disabled persons hence we are making all efforts to make this structure disability friendly” Clement Matorwmasen (Founder of Green Gold and Dreamivill)

In architecture, a Nubian vault is a type of curved surface forming a vaulted structure. The mudbrick structure was revived by Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy after re-discovering the technique in the Nubian village of Abu al-Riche. The technology is advocated by environmentalists as environmentally friendly and sustainable since it makes use of pure earth without the need of timber.[1] The technology is of Sudanese Nubian origin.[2]

One of the key advantages of the Nubian vault is that it can be built without any support or shuttering. The earth bricks are laid leaning at a slight slope against the gable walls in a length-wise vault. The same principle can be used to build domes.