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Since 2019 DreamiVill has provided skills training and career guidance to 20 young people (each year) in a remote village of Zongo Macheri in Ghana.
Just like every one of us the current pandemic has threatened and slowed down this program in a tremendous way. As a founder and dreamer like you, it has taken me a lot of energy and time to write out this post, why? Because as a dreamer I believe in action-oriented createability and that every challenge presents us with opportunities to evolutionize our thinking and help discover the unknown

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But as a good friend said “sometimes discovering the unknown also means relearning and allowing others to help” To cut to the chase, we need your help to continue providing training, any amount helps The Finance On average we spend between 500 – 1000 euros each month on training 60 euros – Internet 250 Euros – Training Materials 300 Euros – Transport & allowance to trainers 200 – Electricity & others Y our dream Matters!


Connect the unconnected rural youth to global resources, mentors, education, experts and dreamers with the help of Google Grind startups and Enpact mentoring in order to inspire them to create


By sharing stories and exposure to new ideas and technologies we inspire our students to start thinking at a different level and come up with new or improve existing solutions to real life problems of rural Africa


Empowering students by giving access to necessary tools and connections with global experts and mentors to be able to create new products and solutions

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Imagine the possibilities...
Our dreamers, experts, mentors and trainers are people who are ready to share their talents, skills, wisdom and life story for the development of others and they form the bedrock of Dream Village. Our dreamers come with various years of expertise and passion to make this world a better place.


Get ConnectedGet InspiredCreate Your Dreams!

Learn what you need to develop your dreams and lean on the knowledge and experience of giant dreamers to grow!

We can connect you to mentors and people who share your passion and dreams to help your speed up your growth process.
We will inspire you by listening to other peoples stories.
We can help you create your dreams!

Dream with us! Experience a new culture, share your stories, ideas and dreams...Build a new family! You are a member of this global community and you are only limited by your imagination...Get out to become a global citizen!
We are more connected than ever....Ready for the new experience? Come share your dream with us. Volunteer with us!

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Are you a dreamer with the passion for change to make this world a better place? Join the network of dreamers!

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DreamivillDreamivill [DREAM VILLAGE] is creating a unique environment where deprived youth can come to get inspired and develop their knowledge and skills to turn their dreams into reality.


Dreamivill Offline (PDF)

Too busy to read online? download our project profile and read later.
it is a PDF document. you can contact us if you need additional help or information
Locate Us: 
Dream Village
Zongo Macheri
Oti Region

P.O.Box DG48, Dambai
Oti Region


Dreamivill is an officially registered non-profit social enterprise and a centre for dream development. Company Reg#: CS089742018. Official Name: Dreamivill (Dream Village) Limited

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