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Vera Blazek Creativity & Innovation Foundation

Vera Blazek Foundation

It is our deepest wish that no dream ever dies… through memories, we can learn, create, innovate and share the stories of many heroes and heroines who have and continue to dedicate their lives to the services of humanity. Vera Blazek is one of such hero’s, She dedicated her life to serve creativity and culture. Vera 0n the 13th March 2018 gave up her spirit to become truly free. As she journeys to the world of the unknown her work and aspirations will continue to inspire the next generations.

We are proud to name our newly built Nubian Vault in honour of Vera Blazek. Vera Blazek Creativity & Innovation Center will be a place to inspire people of all race and background to follow their dreams and to create and innovate, it is a place to celebrate creativity and the potentials of many young and young at heart.

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Truly Vera Lives! more stories on Vera coming soon!

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