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Share your dream – discover the unknown!

Discover the unknown

Everyone has a story and we want that story to be told at Dreamivill!
Do you have a skill, talent, knowledge/wisdom, experience or dream you want to share with your younger self? Share with us!
We have a solution and someone ready to carry the dream to unimaginable limits. Dreamivill (Dream Village) has 100+ young people, over 3000 hectares of land space and the eco-system awaiting to take your story to the next level!
Education has changed, instead of learning from scratch – We learn from your expertise and dreams to discover the unknown.
Together we can tell your story, by allowing other growing generations to tap into your experience, carrying forward your passion and skills to unthinkable potentials.
Come dream with us! Because Y our dream matters!What can you do in Dreamivill?
… how big can you dream? Contact us!
We are “Mentor-the-Mentor” kind of people – so what you share with us becomes a sustainable source of growth to be shared and re-shareddiscover the unknown!

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Dreamivill is an officially registered non-profit social enterprise and a centre for dream development. Company Reg#: CS089742018. Official Name: Dreamivill (Dream Village) Limited

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